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Server-Side Menus API is an add-in, specifically designed to cover the needs of those who want to generate menus on-the-fly, either database-driven or programmatically generated menus based on your conditions/parameters, on server-side environments such as PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, etc.
It is also needed for WordPress Menu, Joomla Menu and Drupal Menu implementations.

All technical information for using the API is documented at a PDF file, located at the "Add-ins -> Server Side Menus API" option of the AllWebMenus interface.


View how it works through a detailed example


Installation of the Add-in

AllWebMenus installations since Build #728 (February 2008) already include the Add-in:

drop-down menu add-in

So, nothing extra is needed from you.

If your AllWebMenus is older (lower than #728) download the Add-in Setup file from here:

Release Version: 2.0.39
(released with AllWebMenus Build #888, view changes)
Help Version: 2.0.39 rev 1 (included in setup) view online (pdf)
Download link: Not needed, this version of the Add-in is pre-installed in AllWebMenus Build #888 or above.

If you have an earlier version of AllWebMenus, download its latest version from the AllWebMenus download page (this will also install the latest Add-in version).

(Note: If you are using the Actinic platform, please download the related Actinic Add-in setup file for v5)

Open AllWebMenus and find this item on the menu:

drop-down menu add-in

You can use the Add-In's settings from there.

License/Purchase Information


Special Offer!

With the purchase of 1 AllWebMenus license (unlimited domains) you also get unlimited Server-Side Menus API licenses (unlimited domains/websites) for free!

This is why some of the info below shows as "strikethrough" (that info does not apply till offer expires).

To purchase 1 AllWebMenus license: AllWebMenus order page


Purchasing AllWebMenus you also get 1 API domain license for free.

This license allows you to use the compiled code at 1 online domain/website (eg: and 10 of its subdomains (eg:,,

If you have an old license of AllWebMenus (purchased prior to August 10, 2010) and need to use the API on more than 1 domain/website, click below to purchase additional API licenses (special offer for "unlimited domains" applies too):

Go to Order Page of Server-Side Menus API domain licenses


- An "Unlimited Domains" Pack is also available.

- The API is different from the generic AllWebMenus application. The generic AllWebMenus application allows you to create non-dynamic menus for unlimited domains (websites). If you haven't purchased the generic AllWebMenus application yet, go to the AllWebMenus PRO order page.


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