You may use <br>, <center> and </center> tags, in the Item Name property of the partucular Item.



To create Rollover buttons:

1. Select the three-state option (File -> Switch to three-state button).
2. Define and customize the button's three-states (Normal, Mouseover and Mouseclick).
3. Export your button in the format (.jpg, .png, .gif) and to the destination of your choice.



Make sure the AllWebMenus linking code section of Menu A is loaded last, in the html code of that particular web page.



February, 2005 -- Likno Web Button Maker v1.1 has been released.

In this new version we have added different features that broaden the options given to the users when creating their web buttons.

The main features that have been added in Likno Web Button Maker v1.1 are:

• Creation of Rollover buttons.

• Keyboard Access to features.

• Advanced Export settings.

• Copy-Paste State Values.

• Version 1.0 bugs fixed.

Download the new version of Likno Web Button Maker

As always, we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have regarding Likno Web Button Maker's functionality and usability.



You may put the following script for preloading the menu images, to your html code before the </head> tag:

<script language=javascript>
var preloadimages=new Array("image1.gif","image2gif");
var theimages=new Array();

for (p=0;p<preloadimages.length;p++){
theimages[p]=new Image();



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