Likno Web Button Maker v1.2 has been released.

The main features that have been added to Likno Web Button Maker v1.2 are:

* Newly added Shapes and Presets.
* Optimized 3D engine.
* Enhanced Lighting features.
* Enhanced features for adding and editing Texture.
* Enhanced features for visibility of Background, Texture and Text Shadow.
* v1.1 bug fixes.

Download the new v1.2 today!




The easy way to center the menu is to choose ‘Top edge-Horizontally Centered’ at the ‘Position relative to’ option box.

The next step is to put the value you want at the ‘Horizontal distance from Edge’ box.

However if your site is designed as % and not specific size, the menu might be shown off place.

To avoid that you need to apply the ‘Position relative to a page element’ trick using an empty table with 1 row divided in 2 columns.

Of course this empty table will be placed where the menu want it to be. Its size also it doesn’t matter.

The <span> code should be associated with the right cell.
If you leave it as is, the top-left corner of the menu with match the top-left corner of the right cell.

To correct that, enter at Tools-> Compile Properties -> Advanced Scripting, the variable awmRelativeCorner=4 (as shown at help > Position the menu relative to a page element)




In order to print you framed picture:

1. Click on the Print button.
2. A virtual printer will appear on screen.
3. Define the position of the framed picture on the print paper simply by dragging and dropping.
4. Resize your framed picture to the desired size through the Resize control.
5. Click on Print




You can rotate the image within the frame or the entire framed image simply using the rotation controls.

You are able to modify the position of your images and frames by using the internal rotate control to rotate the selected image within the frame and the external rotate control to rotate your framed image.




You can add the following to the URL property of your Menu Item:




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