For you to send your framed picture via email:

· Click on the "e-mail" button in the main panel. As a result, a form displayed in an image of an envelope showing the framed picture you want to send will appear.

· Fill in the necessary details in the corresponding fields and press the "Send" button when ready.

** FrameShow will use your default email program to send the picture by email and a warning may appear notifying you about this action. Just choose to allow this process by clicking on the "Yes" button is a completely safe one.




Please try to specify absolute URLs for your AllWebMenus files.




You can use Keyboard Access options, in other words, you can move and resize your button with the following keyboard keys:

Move: Cursor Keys.

Resize: Shift + Cursor Keys.

By using the Ctrl + Shift ( + Cursor key for Resize) you will be able to apply the actions on a quicker scale.

By using the Tab key / Enter Key you can select an object.




Please try to specify something like the following, to the 'Javascript Command' property of the Item, in order to open the test.pdf file:"./test.pdf","winname","width=680,height=500,scrollbars=yes,menubar=no,location=no,status=no,resizable=no,toolbars=no");




Version 4 of your trusted DHTML web menu builder has been released!

You can download the new version at

Many new and powerful features have been added to give you the ultimate tool for your web menu needs.

Download it today and experience the new and imporved AllWebMenus - DHTML menu maker.




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