Unfortunately as a default behavior, FrontPage does not allow AllWebMenus to include the HOME page unless it is on the same level with the other web pages in the Navigation pane.

To achieve this try to drag-and-drop the web page icons upwards to be on the same level with the HOME icon.

Another option is to use the full-featured application via the 'Start > Programs > AllWebMenus' shortcut, as most options are disabled by default.

The automatically created menu.awm file by Frontpage can be found at the 'myWebs' directory of FrontPage.




To Export your rollover button:

- Click on the Export button in the control panel and select the destination and format of the file in which the button will be exported (.jpeg, .gif, .png).

- You may preview the Rollover button you have created by clicking on the Preview button.

- Finally, when ready to export your button, simply click on the Export button.

A window will open highlighting where each of the three files (Normal, Mouse Over, Mouse Click) have been exported to and offering you the Javascript code you will have to add to your HTML pages (Use the Copy option to copy the entire code to your web page). A sample html page will be created where you will be able to see your rollover button.




Q: I receive an "Access is denied" error message ever time I try to see the menu via the Preview pane in Microsoft FrontPage 2002 or 2003.

A: Please see the following article from Microsoft Knowledge Base for a fix:





Please visit the following URLs to download and install the latest build of both versions:








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