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Q: Help! I tried to open my converted to v4.0 menu.awm with the previous 3.x version but I get "This is not a valid AllWebMenus PRO file' error message.

Does that mean I lost my version 3 project file?

A: When you convert a v3.x menu file to the latest v4.0, e.g. 'menu.awm', a backup file is created in the same directory under the name: 'menu_OldVersion.awm.bak'.

You can open this via version 3.x of AllWebMenus.




One way to enhance your web buttons is by adding symbols and characters to them. You can give your buttons a special look that will make them "speak for themselves" and drive your website visitors to the desired click!

How to add characters / symbols to your buttons?

To add symbols to your web buttons first click on the Text Tab.

By selecting the "Character" option you are able to browse and select from the various characters belonging to the different fonts. Whether its symbols, letters, numbers, etc. the "Character" option gives you a wider range of possibilities as to the symbols and characters you can apply to your web buttons.

Notice that depending on the font you choose, there are different character/symbol options you can select from.

Note: For symbols choose fonts such as Wingdings and Webdings.

Simply select the character you want and click on the "Insert" button (keyboard) - or "Enter" Key (keyboard) to add it to the text box.




This can be done automatically only for Frontpage websites. You can use for that the Tools > Import Frontpage Navigation Structure command.




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