All registered users of AllWebMenus version 4.x can download the upgraded version for free, via the URL below:

What's new in the current build:

- New command "File > Import Project". Use it to import another menu.awm file to your current project. The generated javascript file will contain all menu files combined.

- Support of the "onResize" event, if present in the html code.

- Improvement of the "Choose Link" option in the "Link" property.

- Better support for Alpha Transparency in Gecko-based browsers.

- Improved support for non-english languages in "Tooltip" and "Javascript Command" properties.




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Holiday Season Offer!

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The add-in of the javascript menu builder AllWebMenus has been updated to cover the latest changes and enhancements of the program.

You can visit the following URL to find more about the free Dreamweaver Extension (Macromedia approved) and the main application of the dhtml builder AllWebMenus:




Likno Web Button Maker Button Packs!

Purchasing Likno Web Button Maker entitles you to a series of shapes found in the program which can be used to create your buttons and to a FREE Button Pack made up of 5 completely new shapes and presets, textures, plus a series of ready-to-use web buttons which offers you a complete solution!

Apart from this FREE Button Pack, we have created additonal sets of Button Packs with premium web button designs which you can purchase in order to enhance your existing collection!

** Button Packs are compatible only with Likno Web Button Maker version 1.4.106 and above.




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