Likno Software is happy to announce that AllWebMenus version 4.2 has been released!

Major features and support:

  • Internet Exporer 7.0 fully supported!
  • Firefox 2.0 fully suppported!
  • New Server-Side Menu Addin!
  • ...and a series of features and capabilities you don't want to miss out on!

    Check out what's new in this version at

    Download Now Download AllWebMenus version 4.2

    Server-Side Menus API Addin

    Server-Side Menus API is a brand new add-in, specifically designed to cover the needs of those who want to generate menus on-the-fly, either database-driven or programmatically generated based on conditions, parameters, etc.

    Read more about the Server -Side Menus API Addin at

    Download Now Download the Server-Side Menus API

    Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees

    Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees is more than a cross-browser, platform-independent hierarchical navigation control for your web pages. It's an intuitive and fun way of showing structured information and providing your visitors with the means to manipulate this information in a user-friendly manner.

    Read more about Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees at http://www/

    Download Now Download Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees