Take a look at a display of menus that can be created with our DHTML menu maker - AllWebMenus.

These menu examples show the different types of features that can be applied in order to give your menus a desired effect.

Let's take our Windows XP Start Menu Example:

Some of the basic features of the Windows XP Start Menu simulation are:

  • The Main Menu has only one item: the "Start" image at the bottom-left.
  • The "Main Menu Type" is set to "Horizontal Menubar".
  • The blue horizontal bar on the Main Menu is set through the <Main Menu BG Color> color.
  • The submenus are "Sticky". They close when you click somewhere outside or when you go to another item.
  • The mouse turns to "Hand" when an item has a link.
  • The Main Menu items are images only, the Submenu items have both images and text.
  • The Submenus open at any specified distance from the parent item.
  • ...and many more!




Here is a very interesting "tutorial" on how to incorporate slideshow's to your website:

This is a small excerpt:

It's funny how people get the same idea at the same time. Last week I had two different people ask me how they could use a slideshow instead of a still picture on their Web site. Many people find that one image doesn't exemplify all of the qualities of the department's site. That was true for me when I was building the Marketing and Communications site. There wasn't one image that would symbolize our group so I used Flash to make a slideshow highlighting different facets and activities of the university. This slideshow appears on our main page in place of the usual photograph.

If you are already familiar with Flash you may want to use this option. If you've never used Flash, you will probably find it easier to use Javascript. There are many scripts available that only require minor edits.

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Hey guys!

Well, continuing with our non-stop development we have released the latest version of our program AllWebMenus!

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Hey guys!

Isn't it nice when you are shown you are being thought of?

A nice way to wish someone a simple "have a nice day" and put a smile on someone's face is to grab one of your photos (or a simply irresistible image!), add a cool and impressive "Have a Nice Day" photo frame to it, and send it as an ecard...

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