We offer a series of DHTML Menu / JavaScript Menu examples. These menu examples have been created with AllWebMenus and show the type/style of menus you can make by using the different features available.

Type of menu examples:

  • HTML Menu
  • Multiple Rows Example
  • Multiple Columns Example
  • Calendar Menu
  • AllWebMenus 5 Style Example
  • Menu Variables Example
  • Server-Side Menus API
  • Slide Menu
  • Windows Media Player
  • XP Tabs
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Floating Images Example I
  • Floating Images Example II
  • Floating Images Example III
  • IE Toolbar
  • Manilla Tabs
  • Horizontal Menu
  • Vertical Menu
  • Multiple Menus
  • Menu with separators
  • "Has Submenu" feature
  • Javascript Commands
  • Popup Menu
  • Image Support
  • Menu Styling
  • Submenu Effects
  • Sticky Submenus
  • Drifty Menu
  • Menu Item Images
  • Header/Footer
  • Cross-Frame Support

Check them all live at http://www.likno.com/examples.html


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New AllWebMenus version 5.0 build #726 has been released!

Check out What's New:

- New Themes added to application for free: 5 Vertical and 5 Horizontal.

- Some old-looking Themes have been removed from the application.

- New feature added: The property.

floating image on menu items

floating image example 1
floating image example 2

- Some internal variables have been renamed in order to avoid any conflicts with other scripts on the page. For example: "n=null" has been replaced by "n$=null"

- "Sticky Submenus" feature now enhanced: added a standard disappearance delay on sticky submenus so that a sticky submenu does not close when the mouse accidentally enters another item for some milliseconds.

- Fixed a bug (IE for Windows only) where a vertical submenu didn't appear correctly if the submenu aligned with the right edge of the parent group. A horizontal scrollbar also appeared in some rare occasions.

- Fixed a bug with the item's on Mozilla only. The script was also adding the item's border.

- Fixed a problem where a space was appearing in Horizontal Menus when setting the of the menu.

- The list of Sub-Effects in property now matches the related effect direction.

Menu Disappears How sub-effects


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