February 28th, 2008Customer Case 1: Drifty Menu

Note for users of build #738 (and above): From version 5.1 build #738 onwards the known "Drifty Menu" feature is called "Floating Menu". Please view the updated blog post.

Goal: I want a DHTML menu that will be placed in the top-center of my web page and will stay there even if i scroll down the page.

Solution: The following video provides the solution for this exact case. The purpose of the specific change in the positioning is for the menu to appear in the top-center of the page. The menu becomes "drifty" (scrolls down with the page) with the change of the <Menu Drifts on Scroll> property. There are different kinds of scrolling methods for you to choose.

Watch the video tutorial

Note: The version used in the demonstration is 5.0 build #728.


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AllWebMenus creates dynamic menus that work in browsers of version 4 and later.

But what about users that may have older browsers? Their browsers may not support Dynamic HTML.

To account for this case, you should specify an alternative URL where the user will be automatically redirected if he or she uses a browser other than the ones mentioned above. Such page may simply be the web page without the menu, containing additional links to account for the lack of the menu's navigation easiness.

"Where do I specify the Alternative URL?"

The Alternative URL can be specified as an option at the Link Compiled Menu to Web Pages process (at the relevant area at the bottom of the window).

The use of an alternative URL is not required.


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Hey guys!

This is to inform you that we have released new v5.0 build #728 of our DHTML Menu Maker AllWebMenus.

It includes many new features and fixes including:

- New Themes added to application

- Floating Images.

- Internal variables renamed to prevent conflicts with other scripts.

- New Server-Side Menus API Add-in version released.

- "Positioning Relative to Image" option now functions with improved speed.

- Changes made to the javascript libraries and the GUI.

- "Right-to-Left" menu implementations do not use a scrollbar in IE for Windows.

and many more...

To view all available features please visit http://www.likno.com/whatsnew.html


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