We are happy to announce that we have released new version 5.1 Build #732 of AllWebMenus Pro - DHTML Menu / JavaScript Menu Maker.

Features and fixes of the new version:

  • New Safari version 3.1 fully supported by improved menu library.
  • Cross-frame menu implementations further optimized.
  • The GUI now copies all images from Image Manager and not only the used images.
  • Frontpage Add-in updated to fix some non-critical issues.
  • Support added for separate colors on each side of the item.
  • Various changes made and unused code removed in order to make the application faster and lighter.
  • Fixed a problem with Sticky Submenus and groups that appeared on mouse click.
  • Fixed a problem with the tree in Menu Structure pane, where it did not display contents if there was a branch with a very large name.
  • Fixed a problem where the help window appeared behind the main window.
  • Fixed some problems related to Undo and Redo commands.
  • Check out a detailed list of all features and Download the latest version to try out the new features.