These are the new features and fixes introduced in version 5.1.742 (released on July 17, 2008):

- Added the “Compile Menu with No Dialogs (F8)” menu command for faster compilation process (no dialogs appear unless absolutely necessary).

Compile Menu with No Dialogs

- Improved the speed of loading all user fonts. AllWebMenus is now much faster, especially on systems with a large number of fonts.

- A new installer is now being used that solves certain installation-related issues for specific user settings. AllWebMenus could not run properly on those specific settings because of missing DLLs, OCXs, etc. Now fixed.

- Added the “Server-Side Menus API Help (pdf)” menu command for instant access to the API manual.

- Fixed a Mozilla-related issue where a menu could appear wider than expected when one of its items uses the <“Has Submenu” image> property.

- Improved the disappearance behavior of menus when the “Manual trigger Groups as popup menus” positioning method is used.

- Fixed an issue where a floating menu could not appear if the “Menu Floats on Scroll” property was used combined with the “Smooth, Horizontal” values.

- Fixed an Opera 9.5-related alignment issue of a menu’s “Left Image”.

- Fixed various issues related to dual monitor configurations. Code added to make the GUI visible in case it is outside of the screen. Dual monitors are now fully supported without glitches.

- Improved the AutoRedraw process by deactivating AutoRedraw from the Tab Control.

- Fixed a Frontpage Add-in related issue: the "Update Menu with latest Navigation Structure" option was hidden from the GUI in some cases.

- Improved the “Advanced Floating” form in the <Menu Drifts on Scroll> property.

- Added new menu commands: "Add Item Before Selected" and "Paste Item Before Selected" (previous versions only had “After Selected” commands).

Add/Paste menu item before selected

- Fixed an issue with the "Save as" or "Export" commands, where a small .awm file (empty) was created instead of the valid one (on certain cases only).

- Fixed some interface issues on the <Header>/<Footer> application forms: the wrong cursor appeared and popup forms did not disappear correctly when moving from one property to another.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

The Likno Software team


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The fonts in a tree created by Likno Drop Down Menu Trees can be changed by using the appropriate CSS definitions in the Nodes Style Editor.

The default style of the fonts of the application are shown in Image 1 (let's assume that we have selected the "books" theme), and the appearance of the menu is displayed in Image 2.

Image 1:

Likno Drop Down Menu Trees default fonts

Image 2:

Likno Drop Down Menu Trees default fonts menu

The style of the fonts of the application can change by modifying the appropriate CSS rules in the three text boxes ("Normal", "Mouse Over" and "Selected"), depending on which state we want to change the font style.

An example where the "font-family", "font-size", and "color" CSS definitions have been modified is shown in Image 3, and the appearance of the menu is displayed in Image 4.

Image 3:

Likno Drop Down Menu Trees edited fonts

Image 4:

Likno Drop Down Menu Trees edited fonts menu

By modifying the appropriate CSS definitions you can change the appearance of the menu, or even add your own definitions to enrich your Drop Down Menu Tree!


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You can see in the image below an example of the above issue when using AllWebMenus DHTML Menu Maker; the Submenu of an item will appear either to the far right or the far left of the browser:

AllWebMenus example - old libraries

This issue occurs because the libraries of the menu that are uploaded to your server were created with an older version of the software than the menu file (the libraries of a menu are the JavaScript files that reside in our default-named awmdata folder)!

Whenever you are updating AllWebMenus you must not forget to upload to your server all the updated files - including the libraries!


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