These are the new features and fixes introduced in version 5.1.750 of AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker (released on September 25, 2008):

- Support for the IE8 BETA2 browser now added. Read more...

- More shortcuts now available for the text-related properties (such as the "Item Text" property) that provide faster access to certain actions: Enter, Ctrl+Enter, Shift+Enter. Read more...

text shortcuts

text shortcuts

- Added improvements on the interface, especially for the “Assigned Style” property.

- The "File -> Export Project" functionality now provides an option to open the folder where the menu has been exported (for immediate access to the exported project files).

- Fixed a Mozilla-based issue for menus that contain one or more spaces on their filenames (not a good web practice anyway).

- Fixed a Mozilla-based issue for menus that use the vertical scrollbar feature. The group was appearing wider every time the vertical scrollbar appeared.

- Fixed a Mozilla-based issue for menus using centered images on their items (for special cases only).


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This post is outdated. Internet Explorer is not in BETA anymore.

Microsoft has recently released the BETA 2 version of its new Internet Explorer 8 browser.

The new version 5.1.750 of our AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker has included several fixes that deal with issues related to the changes made in this new IE8 browser.

If you do not want to wait for the final release of IE8 (recommended), you may download the latest version of AllWebMenus from (or from your Likno User Area account), install it, recompile your menus and upload to your server the updated menu file AND the –also updated- awmdata folder that contains the libraries – and also the fixes.

We are continuously testing the AllWebMenus application with all updates of the IE8 BETA; however some issues are still present under specific conditions and the Microsoft team is working on resolving them (see a list of IE8 BETA bugs here: )

When the IE8 browser is officially released, these BETA-related issues will not be affecting your menus.


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Text-related properties are now easier and faster to be edited through the introduction of new shortcuts:

text shortcuts

text shortcuts

The <Enter> button now immediately passes the edited text to the property (it used to act as a "new line" before, which was a bit annoying for fast editing).

The "new line" functionality remains through the <Shift+Enter> combination now.

A very useful shortcut addition is the <Ctrl+Enter> combination, which now allows you to immediately pass the edited text not only to the edited state (eg: "Normal" state) but also to the other states to its side (eg: "Mouse Over" and "Mouse Click" states). What used to be several clicks now it is just one keyboard press.

We are looking forward to your suggestions in enhancing our interface further.


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These are the new features and fixes introduced in version 5.1.748 of AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker (released on September 8, 2008):

- Support for Google Chrome BETA browser is now added. Read more...

- Added the feature, which specifies whether an Item whose property matches the URL of the loaded web page will be highlighted by default. Read more...

- An asterisk (*) is now added next to filename on the Titlebar when changes to the project have been made.

- Fixed a Firefox issue with menus using the "Menu Floats on Scroll" feature. In some cases the menu did not appear on the page.

- Fixed an issue with item margins occurring on Netscape only (old browser).


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Apart from the basic menu design approach (which involves AllWebMenus features such as Background Colors, Borders etc.) you can also use a more advanced web menu design approach by incorporating your own images to your projects to enhance them or by simply exporting them as themes.

When you install AllWebMenus Web Menu Builder, you will notice a range of existing pre-installed themes, which can be used to improve the appearance of the menus. However, AllWebMenus themes stored in the "Theme Gallery" directory (C:/Program Files/AllWebMenus5/Theme Gallery) have only one color version available.

If you plan to use a different color scheme or make changes to the shape of a button, you will need to manually change the theme images.

In this guide, we will show you how a menu is constructed using AllWebMenus and, of course, an image editor (i.e. Adobe PhotoShop) where the menu graphics are created.



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