On March 19, Microsoft has officially released the Final version of its new Internet Explorer 8 browser.

On March 20, we released a minor update (Build 768.3) of the AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker which fixes some issues caused by differences between the IE8 Final version and its Release Candidate.

Today (March 23), we released another minor update (Build 768.4) that fixes some newly reported issues occurring on rare configurations.

Note that IE8 Final version is not bug-free and Microsoft will continue to release patches in the near future. We will keep a close eye on their patch releases and will act immediately if a minor update in AllWebMenus javascripts is required.

You may download the latest version of AllWebMenus from www.likno.com/download.html (or from your Likno User Area account).

Install it, recompile your menus and upload to your server the updated menu file AND the –also updated- awmdata folder that contains the new javascript libraries that fully support IE8 Final.

Note: AllWebMenus supports IE8 since its BETA phases. In particular, the Release Candidate version (RC1) is supported since Build 764 (Feb. 16).


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- The Sliding Menu Add-in (extra license required) released with Build 766 and included in the distribution. You can now create menus with sliding submenus, otherwise known as "slide menus", "expandable menus", "collapsible menus" or "accordion menus".

Sliding Menu Add-in

- 11 Sliding Menu Themes included in the distribution (free with licensed Add-in).

Free Slide Menu Themes

- 4 new Sliding Menu Theme Packs available in Theme Gallery.

Slide Menu Themes

- 6 new Sliding Menu Templates available in Menu Templates Gallery.

Slide Menu Templates

- You can now easier re-assign all existing style assignments in your project using the "Select" option in the "Assign Style to multiple groups/items" form.

Assign Style to multiple menu items/groups

- 2 new Themes added to the distribution (free) that utilize the "Style+" different appearance on 3rd level and beyond.

"Affiliate" Theme:
Affiliate Slide Menu Theme

"Army" Theme:
Army Slide Menu Theme

- Fixed a Mozilla-related issue with the <Item Image> property. If it was set as "Image Only" (i.e. no item text exists), the image was misaligned to the left.

- Fixed an issue with the 'awmSelectedItem' feature when the menu was of the "Menubar" type and the user resized the browser window.

- Fixed a Mozilla-related issue where a menu of the "Menubar" type could trigger a vertical scrollbar on special cases.

- Fixed an issue where the menu appeared wider than it should if a "Has "Submenu Image"existed on its first item.

- Fixed a Mozilla-related issue where a background image was not appearing correctly when a "left" image also existed.

- Fixed an Opera-related issue with text misalignment when the "HTML Full Mode" option was used on a menu item.

- Fixed a minor Mozilla/Opera related issue with the "Push (or Pull)" technique on sliding menus.


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We would like to inform you of the existence of a “scam ring” involving scam sites that are illegally selling cracked versions of our products (amongst others). People believe these sites are legal and authorized to sell our products and as such decide to purchase them – when actually they are not authorized, the version they get from them is a cracked version, and after payment support is not available to them and no way to get their money back.

The creation and distribution of cracks is completely illegal - more so, the selling of cracked versions to people which are all liable to legal prosecution.

The only legal sources allowed to sell our products are SWREG, Iportis, REGNOW and via registered resellers – which guarantee your purchase to be legal and clean.

Please be aware of the existence of these scam sites and do not purchase through them as not only this is completely illegal [and liable to legal prosecution], you will be losing your money and getting faulty software [Remember cracked versions fail to overpass all levels of protection, generating menus with inadequate cross-browser functionality and negative search engine effects due to the use of elements which influence your SEO].

Give real value to your money - buy the legal version of AllWebMenus.

Thank you,
Likno Software


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A lot of customers that are using the Sliding Menus add-in of AllWebMenus Pro, define their DHTML menus in such a way where the menu system can remember their expanded/collapsed state, when browsing through different pages. For example, when they expand a menu's item, the expanded menu keeps this state after navigating to a different page.

The Sliding Menus add-in of AllWebMenus Pro can easily implement this functionality. You just have to go to the "Style Editor" of your DHTML menu maker and choose the "Sub Groups Style" (or in the "Sub Groups Style+" if you want this functionality to be applied in the menu items that belong to a level greater than two) from the "Available Styles". Afterwards, you have to click on the "Type" property and check the "Remember the menu state..." option as shown in the image below:

If you want this setting not to be applied globally (i.e. you want your menu system to remember the expanded/collapsed state for some of your menu items and not for all), you must use the "Menu Editor" and not the "Style Editor". Then you have to choose each item you want to have this behavior, click on the "All Values" button and define its "Type" property as shown above.


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When you position a DHTML  menu built by AllWebMenus Pro relative to an element (usually in a <td> element), you might observe a small difference in the menu's placement. It might be some pixels further away than it is in IE6,7 or Firefox (e.g. usually it is in a lower position in IE8, Chrome or Safari, than it is in IE7, Firefox etc). This is caused due to the different way IE8, Chrome and Safari render the content of a table’s cell (<td> element).

IE8, Chrome and Safari vertically align the content of a table's cell in its center, whereas all the other browsers align it on the top and that's the reason you observe a difference in the placement of the DHTML menu in your page. To overcome this issue, you just have to add the attribute valign="top" in the element you have positioned the menu and you will get the required functionality.

For example if you want to  place your menu in a <td> element instead of the following:

<td id="awmAnchor-menu">&nbsp;</td>

you have to use the following:

<td id="awmAnchor-menu"valign="top">&nbsp;</td>


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