- Added an option in Open File, in order to load ".awt" files (Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees projects)

drop-down menu trees

- Improved support of the BASE attribute in the html of a page. (IE only)

- Added 30 new IE* submenu effects for the "Group Appears - How" and "Group Disappears - How" properties (new effects are shown in brackets):

[Barn Horizontal In], [Barn Horizontal In], Barn Horizontal Out,
[Barn Vertical In], [Barn Vertical Out], [Blinds Down], [Blinds Left], Blinds Right,
[Blinds Up], [Checker Board Down], [Checker Board Left], Checker Board Right,
[Checker Board Up], Fade, Iris - Circle In, [Iris - Circle Out], Iris - Cross In,
[Iris - Cross Out], [Iris - Diamond In], [Iris - Diamond Out], Iris - Plus In,
[Iris - Plus Out], Iris - Square In, [Iris - Square Out], Iris - Star In,
[Iris - Star Out], Pixelate, Radial Wipe Clock, [Radial Wipe Radial],
[Radial Wipe Wedge], Random Bars Horizontal, [Random Bars Vertical],
Random Dissolve, Slide Hide, [Slide Swap], Spiral, [Stretch Hide], Stretch Spin,
[Strips Left Down], [Strips Left Up], [Strips Right Down], [Strips Right Up]

* The above effects are supported by IE only (the "unfolding" effect is used on other browsers instead).

- Sliding Menu Add-in: The "Remember the menu state" option is now using a "session" cookie. This makes the sliding menu return to its initial state when the user completes her session.

- Fixed an issue with items that had left or right image and did not show properly in some cases. (IE8 and Mozilla)

- Fixed an issue where the "Javascript Command" on Mouse Click did not work properly when the "Link" property also had a value. (IE only)

- Fixed an issue with the "Remember State" option on sliding menus when the menu filename contained spaces.

- Fixed an issue with menu filenames that include a space or "-" (javascript errors appeared in such a case). New versions of all Server-Side related add-ins also released that fix this issue.

- Fixed an issue with Right-to-Left pages: an unexpected scrollbar appeared.

- Fixed an issue in sliding menus: when "Remember State" was selected the "Ignore the Link value of parent items" did not work properly.

- Fixed an issue with sliding menus (IE only) where a javascript error appeared when a sliding menu folded (in some cases only).


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AllWebMenus allows you to create site maps in HTML format, making your web site "search-engine friendly" as search engine crawlers use internal links to spider a site and do not crawl javascript links. Having a "Site Map" link at the index page ensures that the most important pages of your web site are definitely seen by those crawlers.

Specifically, through the "Tools -> Create sitemaps" you can create sitemaps based on any any of the available types (Generic, Google, ROR).

Simply create an optimized page with all the links contained in your menu and just add a single link to this page from your site's index page. This process lets all search engines crawl all URLs contained in your menu.

For more information, please visit: http://www.likno.com/sitemap.html.


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- New Sliding Menu Add-in version (v1.0.3): Added support for also opening sliding submenus on "mouse over" of parent item (not only on "mouse click").

Sliding Menu

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Added an option to ignore the property of parent items of sliding submenus when clicking on them so that the submenus open instead of loading a page. However, if you wish you may achieve both effects by unchecking this option while having the "Remember the menu state" option checked.

- 1 new Sliding Menu Theme Pack available in Theme Gallery.

Siliding Menu ThemePack

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Fixed an issue where a sliding submenu did not reposition itself when the user resized the browser window.

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Fixed an issue where a sliding submenu did not unfold properly when a reposition of the main menu occurred.

- Sliding Menu Add-in: Fixed an issue on Opera only where the Background Image was not properly positioned.

- New versions of Server-Side Menus API Add-in (2.0.13), Joomla Add-in (1.1.5), WordPress Add-in (1.0.8) released, to include the above features.

- Improved the Joomla Component (v1.1.5) in order to avoid error messages when the zip file could not unpack.

- Fixed an issue with the IE8 library, which now makes the menus appear much faster than the previous library did.

- Fixed an issue on Opera browser with the size of items and groups, when a "Has Submenu" image exists.


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When you update AllWebMenus Pro so as to benefit its new features or bug fixes, you need to carefully update your online menus. There have been cases where after recompiling the menu's project and re-uploading its JavaScript file, the menu did not work properly. This might happen due to the fact that the menu's awmdata folder has not been uploaded.

The awmdata folder (awmdata is the default folder's name) contains the Library Files of the menu and any image files, if the menu uses any. Thus if you do not re-upload this folder, you will have online an updated JavaScript file and Library Files that have been created by an older build.

So whenever you update your AllWebMenus Pro application and you re-compile your menus, make sure that you uploaded to your site's server both the menu's JavaScript file and the awmdata folder.


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