Hey everybody!

We just released a new version of AllWebMenus; It is version 5.2 build 792 and it has many new features and enhancements!

Take a look:

- New "Likno Web Modal Windows Builder" Add-In. This add-in introduces the "Open Modal Window" item property in order to be able to open a modal window (created through the separate "Likno Web Modal Windows Builder" product) from within a menu item!

Likno Web Modal Windows Builder

- Added margin support on images used by the "Item Image" and "Item Foreground" property. Now you can use the "Image Margin" option to specify margins on images, allowing you to choose any white space you like at their sides.

- Added an option at the "Type" property to specify whether the Main Menu group affects the height of its positioning element or not. You now have two options:

No (default): The positioning element will keep its original height, as the menu (“Main Menu” group) will just float above it.
Yes: The positioning element will match the Main Menu height, as the menu (“Main Menu” group) will be embedded inside it.

- Added more options to the "Appears - Aligned with" property. Now you can use the "Top/Bottom/Centered" alignment to the parent item too (not only to the parent group), allowing for additional interesting alignment effects.

- Fixed an issue where a sliding menu would appear with scrollbars when positioned inside a TD and used the "Push/Pull page content" option (Mozilla browsers only).

- Fixed an issue in FrontPage AddIn, where the "Auto Item Highlight" option turned to "No", when the user updated the navigation structure.

- Fixed an issue in FrontPage AddIn, where the "Sub Items Style+" style didn't apply to items below 3rd level, when the user updated navigation structure.

- Fixed an issue where the awmShowMenu() function didn't work properly (IE for Windows only)

- Fixed an issue where a sliding menu did not push the content of the page correctly (Mozilla browsers only).

You can download this new version, please visit:

For more details on all releases, please visit:


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Hello everybody,

We are proud to officially announce the release of our newest product, Likno Web Modal Windows Builder!

Likno Web Modal Windows Builder serves as an interface to the popular jQuery open source library, and allows you to create "Modal Windows" for web pages with minimal effort and coding.

A modal window is used to display additional content on a new page layer (window) on top of the loaded content; its main trait is that it forces the user to interact only with it, by preventing other page actions unless the user closes the window.

The produced modal windows are fully cross-browser, i.e. they work alike in all browsers supporting DHTML (like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, Safari and others).

Easily create web modal windows with many styles and options like showing internal HTML content, embedded content, external or internal (AJAX) pages, as well as displaying hidden Page Elements, a set of images, and more.

Read more about our new product at: http://www.likno.com/jquery-modal-windows/index.php

Check our examples at: http://www.likno.com/jquery-modal-windows/examples.php

We would like to thank you for your support - as it is essential to the development and improvement of our products!

Likno Software Team


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We are happy to announce the release of AllWebMenus Pro version 5.1 Build #790!

Build #790 enhancements and new features:

- New Likno Web Modal Windows Builder AddIn.

- Optimized Sliding Menu behaviour: When clicking on an item without a submenu, the opened sliding group belonging to the same Item Group closes.

- Optimized Generic Sitemap creation: Hidden items/groups are not shown when creating a Generic Sitemap.

- When going to the "File" menu, you can now see the 9 most recently used Menu Projects (instead of 4).

- Property optimized to support more options relative to the parent item.

- Fixed an issue where items in a vertical group didn't appear with the same width if a 'Has Submenu' image existed in one of the items (Opera broswer).

- Bug fixes

Download it and enjoy!


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After you have installed your AllWebMenus Pro application, you need to activate it in order to get the full functionality; otherwise it will be in trial mode!

To activate AllWebMenus Pro you need to get an Activation Code based on the Installation ID of your application. To get an Activation Code, you have to log in to your Likno User Area account and click on the related link of the AllWebMenus section (see the image below):

Then you will be directed to a page where you will have to choose your license and enter the Installation ID so as to get the Activation Code. Please make sure that you have chosen the correct license, namely the license whose the Installation ID you are using (see the image below). If  you try to get an Activation Code for a license different from the installed one you will get an error message which will inform you that your installation is not valid and you will not be able to activate your application.

To get your Installation ID and enter it in the input field (see image above), you have to go to "Help -> Enter Activation Code" menu of your AllWebMenus application.

This is where you will also paste the Activation Code (that you got from the online page) and click the Activate button (see image below):

Well done! This successfully activates your AllWebMenus installation.

Note: You must have "full" admin rights to be able to activate your application. Such rights are not required for working with AllWebMenus, they are needed only for the activation process. So, if a Windows popup appears you need to allow AllWebMenus to make changes (this gives "full" admin rights).


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It never ceases to amaze us the use that customers give to our application and the type of menus that are built, with a dose of creativity!

As a result of a work related project, one of our customers took the initiative and created a timeline menu with various options.

As our customer, Larry Korte, stated
"A timeline is never truly finished, and that's the beauty of using AllWebMenus Pro."

Here is what he did:

"Faced with a client request for a historical timeline that needs modifying when they want to add another event and that must work on popular browsers, I started looking for an easy solution without a lot of programming and testing [...] I already use AllWebMenu Pro for the main menu on [this] website, why not add second menu that provides the timeline function?

I actually started with the main menu and renamed it. The menu is anchored to my timeline graphic (table). I laid out the horizontal high level menu with a graphic dot and text as HTML - Formatted mode. I then used HTML - full mode to layout the picture and text for the second level menu, using only one submenu item per main menu item. I even added a link on one submenu so the browser can link to additional information about a timeline event. To make the coding part easier, I developed a page with all the pictures and text, then copied and pasted the HTML code into the menu program.

The next part was to figure out what to do with the remaining time I had estimated to complete the project.

Very fast idea to implementation
Easy to make updates
Easy to expand
Pre-tested in multiple browsers
Pre-coded for Javascript overlays
Easy placement

Larry Korte
The Balance Group

Check out Mr. Korte's menu at:
(please inform us if the menu is broken or non-updated by the user)



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