New Web Modal Windows Builder version 1.1 build #130 has been released!

Check out What's New:

- Added support for jQuery 1.4.1.

- Added several minor interface improvements.

- Added support for numeric IPs and subdomains.

- Added the image preloading feature that allows the modal windows to appear faster.

Download the latest version at:


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We would like to inform you that the new version of AllWebMenus - version 5.2 build 814 - has been released!

Take a look at What's New:

- Added support for exporting/importing custom themes (all custom themes are now saved in the "Application Data" folder).

- Released a new version for all Server-Side related AddIns (SSM, Actinic, Joomla, WordPress).

- Fixed an issue where the item highlight feature was not working for the first menu item.

- Fixed an issue where a simple tooltip could not appear in Server-Side menu implementations.

- Fixed an issue where the Preview Pane didn't show the menu images, if the libraries and the images folder were the same.

- Fixed an issue with the "Create Generic Sitemap" feature, where an error appeared and the application was closing unexpectedly (on Windows 7 and Vista only).

- Fixed an issue with the program activation process, where the user was provided with a half Installation ID or the user never had enough rights (since build 812).

Download the new version and test it!


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"My menus appear above modal boxes, slideshows, lightbox dialogs, etc.

menus above modal boxes, slideshows, lightbox dialogs

Is there something I can do about that?"

Yes, just change the "Z-Index" property of your AllWebMenus project to a lower value than the z-index value of the modal element you are using:

Z-Index Property

If you do not know the z-index value of the modal box, just experiment with different values in AllWebMenus (like "zero"). Just make sure that changing this value does not cause your submenus appear under other page elements with higher z-index value (if any).

See also:
My submenu is not appearing over a flash element. What can I do?


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Hello everybody!

We just wanted to let you know that we have added a brand new music-related example within the AllWebMenus application which you can access *free*!

Music javascript menu

view it online



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Hello everybody!

We wanted to let you know that AllWebMenus Pro version 5.2 Build #812 has been released.

Take a look at the new features:

- Added support for numeric IPs and subdomains on Server-Side Menu implementations (Joomla menu and WordPress menu implementations also). You can compile your projects for any numeric IP (example: for free, without any allocation required. The same applies to all subdomains of your allocated domains (example: subdomain.mysite.com).

- The "Use structure in web page" method (UL/LI) now uses the "noscript" method to hide the menu structure from visitors, for better SEO.

- New, music-related theme (free) inside AllWebMenus:

Music drop-down menu

- Fixed an issue where the size of an item was not calculated correctly if the image was png and the menu was compiled as a Server-Side Menu (IE8 only).

- Fixed an issue where the "Auto Highlight" feature was not working properly if the "group will also appear selected and open" was also checked.

To download the latest version, please visit:



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