Hey everyone,

We have released a new version of AllWebMenus - version 5.2 build #818.

Take a look at What's New:

- New version of the WordPress Add-in/Plugin with many enhancements, such as:

- Easier interface.

- Multiple menus (use up to 5 different menus on your posts or pages), with separate settings per menu.

- New option: "Dynamic" Menu Type (AllWebMenus provides the menu style while all items are populated based on blog's content).

- New option: "Static" Menu Type (both menu style and content are provided by AllWebMenus, allowing full customization of the menu).

- New option: "Mixed" Menu Type (combines both the "Dynamic" and "Static" Menu Types in a single implementation - you can have both WordPress and non-WordPress items on your menu!).

- Integration with the latest "Related Posts" (YARPP) plugin. It dynamically adds a "Related Posts" item at the end of the Main Menu, with a submenu that contains posts related to the post you are currently viewing!

View short videos explaining all your options

- Added an option to choose whether submenus should shift automatically when they cross the page boundaries or not.

submenu shifts automatically

When "checked" (shifts):

submenu shifts automatically - yes

When "unchecked" (does not shift):

submenu shifts automatically - no

- Changed behavior: If an item (or group) is on "hidden" state, then the UL/LI list does not include it (same applies for sitemaps).

- Fixed an issue on sliding menus (only) where the "Remember State" did not work if the menu name had a "-" inside it.

- Fixed an Opera issue where the "Has Submenu Image" was not arranged correctly (Opera 10.5 or above).

- Fixed an issue where if the submenu was sliding and the scrolling height was set to a fixed value then the submenu was not placed correctly.

You can download the latest version at:



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Here you can find presentations related to the AllWebMenus "WordPress Menu" plugin, which allows you to create interesting menus for your blogs.

- How to install AllWebMenus WordPress Plugin, create a menu and insert it in a WordPress site (view here)
- How to create a Responsive WordPress menu in AllWebMenus Pro  (view here)



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We are happy to inform you that we have just released Likno Web Modal Windows Builder version 1.1 Build #134!

Check out What's New:

- Added preloading for the Modal Window CSS background-image.

- Added relative offsets feature when positioning to the center of the browser.

- Fixed a minor issue in the modal window centering when the Modal Window CSS had padding.

You can download the latest version at:




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We have added new SEO CSS Menu examples in our Examples Page (http://www.likno.com/examples.html)

You can specify your menu structure (menu items) either inside AllWebMenus (gets compiled to the javascript file) or inside your pages using HTML UL/LI tags (on-the-fly). These examples use the 2nd option.

When the 2nd option is used, the search engines can crawl your menu structure on any page where your menu is shown. Another characteristic is that you can use a different menu structure on different pages. Since the menu is built "on-the-fly", based on UL/LI tags inside your pages' HTML code, you can have different tags (menu items) on different pages.

Take a look at the following example:


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We would like to inform you that Web Modal Windows Builder version 1.1 Build #132 has been released!

Check out What's New:

- Fixed an issue where the application would open a new file when an existing project was double-clicked from within Dreamweaver.

- Fixed an issue where the image preloader tried to load navigation bar images on a single-sheet modal window.

- Added some minor interface improvements.

Download the latest version at:



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