We have released a new version of Likno Web Modal Windows Builder: Version 2.0 build #206.

Check out What's New:

- Added the ability to open any modal window on Page Load with 2 new methods:

1. By adding a javascript variable somewhere in page:
<script>var modalwindowname_open=1;</script>


2. By using a special "anchor" in the URL when calling the page:

Note that with these 2 new methods you can open any modal window on Page Load, even if the related option is not checked in their projects:

auto popup window options

You can also select a different starting sheet, by changing the value "1" to any other numeric value (sheet order).

- Improved the IE9 support.

- Improved the "Image Preloading" feature.

- Fixed an issue when a very large text was used for the content of the modal window.

- Fxed an issue where the cookies for the "Open on Page Load" feature did not work correctly.

You can download the latest version at:



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Hey everybody,

We have released a new version of AllWebMenus Pro: Version 5.3 build #852.

Check out What's New:

- Added new property: Group Padding. Menu items can now have a space (padding) between their borders and their group's borders (edges). This space is filled by their group's background, which can be a color or a background image (texture, etc.). You can adjust the padding of each side all together or even separately!
(see image below for different padding per side)

menu padding

View Padding Example

- Added new property: Group Rounded Corners. In browsers that properly support CSS3, the corners of the Main Menu or Submenus can be rounded! (supported in IE9+, Opera 10.50+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari/Webkit 522+, Chrome and others). You can adjust the roundness of each corner all together or even separately!

menu rounded corners

View Rounded Corners Example

- Added new feature to the "Web Modal Windows Add-in": You can now use both the "Link" and "Open Modal Windows" properties together! A modal window triggered by a menu item can now show the page specified at its <Link> property (eg: product1.html), if this is not empty, overriding the modal's own content (the one specified within its project).

menu rounded corners

- New version of all "Server Side" related products ("WordPress menu", "Joomla Menu", "Drupal Menu", etc.), supporting the new "Group Padding" and "Group Rounded Corners" features.

- Fixed an issue with sliding menus where in some cases their submenu groups remained open even when their parent group was closed.

- Fixed an issue where some items of vertical groups could appear with larger height than they should.

- Fixed an issue where the Preview was not showing the menu, when the "Compiled menu Subfolder" was set other than the "Site Root" folder.

- Fixed an issue where the menu images did not display properly when the page CSS used a specific margin for all images.

- Fixed an issue with Server-Side API menu implementations: a JavaScript error could appear if the content of a menu item was just numeric (no text).

Download the new version at http://www.likno.com/download.html


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Hello everybody,

just some weeks after the initial release and we continue to add more features!

This is what's new in Build #120:

- Example Pack 02 is now available to all users of the "Unlimited Domains" license, with extra examples (designs).

- Added the "Get more examples" button in the "Background Set" and "Indicator Set" forms.

- Added more positioning options for the Indicator Set.

- Added "special" examples with custom "sample code".

- Fixed an issue with the width of the headers of horizontal accordions, when a Background Set was used for their background.

- Fixed some issues with the "Floating" positioning method (when the window was resized).

Likno Web/HTML Accordion Builder will save you significant time and effort required to understand DHTML, JavaScript and jQuery code for creating neat HTML accordion and slider controls!

- Features: http://www.likno.com/jquery-accordion/index.php
- Examples: http://www.likno.com/jquery-accordion/examples.php
- Download: http://www.likno.com/jquery-accordion/download.php

Likno Web/HTML Accordion Builder costs $49.95 (3-domain license). Windows ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 supported.

- Added many interface enhancements for a better look & feel.


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