For menu positioning you always had the option to use your own (custom) ID, through the Custom ID option. For example, you may be using a Content Management System that already applies its own "id" tag to every page element, thus not allowing you to add the AllWebMenus Default ID to your selected element. In that case, you simply copy this "id" of your selected element and paste it as Custom ID in AllWebMenus.

Alternatively (since Build #878), you can use a Custom "Class" instead of an "ID", in case that your authoring tool or CMS does not allow you to edit the "ID" attribute (or the "ID" values change dynamically) but does allow you to add/edit the "Class" attribute.

menu positioning with class

For example, if you select the "Custom Class:" option and add the menupositioner value there, you can then use this code in your page to achieve menu positioning:

<span class="menupositioner">&nbsp;</span>


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We have released new versions of AllWebMenus Pro: Version 5.3 build #878 and #876.

Check out What's New:

- Added support for positioning the menu using a custom "class" attribute instead if the "id" attribute. This can be useful when your authoring tool or CMS does not allow you to edit the "ID" attribute (or the "ID" values change dynamically) but does allow you to add/edit the "Class" attribute.
For example: <span class="menupositioner">&nbsp;</span>

menu positioning with class

- The "Custom Values" interface is no longer available when the UL/LI population option is selected, because the menu items are dynamically produced by "LI" page elements and the script cannot determine which menu items should get custom values. Therefore, only the generic "Assigned Style" can be used on menu items or groups.

- Fixed an issue with vertical "Menu Floats on Scroll" on iPad and Android.

- Fixed a (Mozilla only) issue where the item image was not properly aligned vertically.

- Fixed an issue in the Preview Pane when the positioning was on the right side and the border was large.

- Updated the "AllWebMenus Add-In" for Expression Web 4.
Get it here:

- Improved the positioning of the application forms when dual monitors are used.

- Fixed an issue where a group didn't appear on "mouse over" of parent item, if this item was auto highlighted but without opening the group automatically on page load.

- Fixed an issue where a group which was triggered manually didn't work as expected and produced javascript errors.

- Fixed an issue with double slash "//".

- Fixed an issue with UL/LI when using the "onclick" event with "this.href".

- Fixed an issue where separators did not work in a cross frame environment.

Download the new version at


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We have released a new version of Likno Web Modal Windows Builder: Build #238

Check out What's New:

- Added the ability to open a modal window on Mouse Out of Page, i.e. when the user drags the mouse outside the page from its top side (does not apply to the three other sides). This happens only once while the page remains open, unless the page is refreshed.

Modal Window Opens on Mouse Out

- Improved the support for rounded corners in browsers that do not properly support it (Opera, Chrome, Safari).

- Fixed a specific case where the code "parent.likno_modal_window.close()" did not work.


You can download the latest version at:


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