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Initial Email Subject: menu not working properly in ie
Support Case Month: March 2012

Please look at the website menu in Safari and IE. When I click on the dropdown for Artists, it's working in Safari, but in IE it doesn't drop all of the way. It stops at what could be considered blocks.  How do I correct this?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


I checked your page and noticed that you have a “simple viewer” control, which is actually a flash control.

In order to have your menus (or anything else really) float over a flash applet, you have to pass a specific parameter to the flash object. This is the “wmode=transparent” parameter.

The problem is that this flash control is generated by a script, so I am not sure on how you can pass extra parameters. You should contact the developers of “simple viewer” and ask them if (and how) this is possible.

Likno Customer Support
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