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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: iFrame misbehavior only in Firefox
Support Case Month: August 2012

The two menus on my Calendar page place content in an iFrame, and they work perfectly in Safari (Mac & Windows), Chrome (Mac & Windows), Opera and Internet Explorer. 

In Firefox (Mac & Windows), however, the content never gets loaded into the iFrame.  What's going on?


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Barton,

The iframe (as do frames) requires that you also give it a “name”. When this is missing, it is automatically set to be the same as the ID by most browsers, but not Firefox…

Please add the “name” parameter to your iframe in order to fix the problem:

<iframe id="venue" name="venue" src="first_page.html" 
align="center" width="600" height="800" frameborder="0">




Likno Customer Support

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Reply From: Barton

Of course.

I would have never found this solution on my own.  Your response was so clear, so accurate, so fast!  Thank you.



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