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On this URL, {URL REMOVED} the left-side vertical navigation is AWM. It's populated inside the page with a UL/LI tag.

My client is complaining that the status bar text doesn't appear when you mouseover a most browsers anyhow. IE 9 seems to work.

Is there any way to correct this so the link appears in the status bar?



Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Bryan,

In order for AllWebMenus to display the highly complex menu designs, it has to use special JavaScript-based links and not the standard <a> tag links. For these, the status bar URL is also displayed using JavaScript.

Some recent browsers have introduced a new “security” feature where JavaScript code is not allowed to change the status bar text, in order to protect users from clicking links they did not want to click (e.g. from malicious cases where the actual link would take them to a different URL than the one displayed in the status bar). Unfortunately this “security” rule will block the editing of the status bar text even when the link URL is identical to the status bar text. I am afraid that this is not something we can change on our side.

Still there is a way to fix it if you think this is important. You can use the “CSS menu” feature with which the links ARE actual <a> tags and their URL will always show in the status bar. Note however that these have some other limitations and may not appear as good in older browsers (including IE8) as they require CSS3 support to appear properly (they will however be fully functional).

Likno Customer Support
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