We have released new versions of Likno Web Modal Windows Builder: Builds #230 up to #236.

Check out What's New:

- Added support for opening specific sheets (with "Sheet Names") of multi-sheet modal windows when using the "Opens on Page Load" functionality, either through a "variable in page" or a specific "URL anchor". Read more about this technique

Moidal Window Opens on Page Load

- Added support for custom "Modal Window Z-index" per window.

- When multiple modal windows are open concurrently, the z-index of each new window is increased so that it always appears on top of the others.

- Minor interface fixes for proper highlighting of properties.

- Interface enhancements on the "Modal Window Shadow" property (remembers unused values, etc.).

- Added new property: Modal Window Rounded Corners. In browsers that properly support CSS3, the corners of the modal window can be rounded (supported in IE9+, Opera 10.50+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari/Webkit 522+, Chrome and others). You can adjust the roundness of each corner all together or even separately!

Modal Window Rounded Corners

Modal Window Rounded Corners
- Added new property: Modal Window Shadow. Available in browsers that properly support CSS3 (IE9+, Opera 10.50+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari/Webkit 522+, Chrome and others). See first image above.

- Improved the “close” behavior in IE6 and iPhone/iPad.

- Improved the interface speed.

- Fixed an issue with properly saving the custom “After Close” javascript code (if enabled).

- Fixed an issue with the “ESC” key that did not work in some cases.

- Fixed the issue with the background scroll blocking which was omitted in the last releases.

- Fixed a case where setting a custom "glide" effect did not work.

- Fixed an issue with a javascript error when the compile name contained slashes.

- The core library uses the new jQuery v1.6.2 library.

- Added keyboard navigation for multi-sheet windows (slideshows). The visitor can now use the arrow keys to navigate through sheets (slides) and the "P" key to "play/pause" the modal slideshow.

keyboard navigation slideshow

- New jQuery loading method: If a jQuery instance already runs on your page (because you load it independently from Likno) then the Likno library does not load its own jQuery instance but uses the existing one.

- Added more name checks to avoid jQuery conflicts.

- Fixed a case where the loading of modal windows from different folders could make their images to not appear.

- Fixed a problem with external URLs.

- While the modal is open the scrolling of the page in the background is now blocked.

- Fixed a case where passing the starting page as a parameter (through the API) was not working.

- Fixed a case where the modal did not properly break out of frames in Opera.

- Fixed a conflict with MooTools where modals in IE9 always appeared full-screen.


You can download the latest version at:



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