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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: Menu showing mouse over and external link problem
Support Case Month: September 2012

The menu comes up with yellow text for About Hands without any mouse over or click and the mouse over seems to be retained in some menus. Can't see what setting is causing this.

2. If you paste a link into a url ie if coming from an adword link it shows the menu structure e.g. will show the sub menus on entry to the page rather than just the page without. If you click they will disappear but should ideally not be shown when you enter the page.



Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear John,

1) I checked your pages and it seems that you have specifically added this before your Linking Code:

<!-- DO NOT MOVE! The following AllWebMenus linking code section must always be placed right AFTER the BODY tag-->

<!-- ******** BEGIN ALLWEBMENUS CODE FOR menu ******** -->

<script type="text/javascript">awmSelectedItem=2</script>

<script type="text/javascript">var MenuLinkedBy="AllWebMenus [4]",awmMenuName="menu",awmBN="886";</script><script charset="UTF-8" src="/menu.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript">awmBuildMenu();</script>
<!-- ******** END ALLWEBMENUS CODE FOR menu ******** -->

Please remove the red line to resolve the problem.

2) I am afraid that If you use the automatic highlight, then the “current” menu will be highlighted regardless of how you ended up in the page.

If you want to highlight it but not open the submenu, you can achieve this by deselecting the related option:

menu highlight settings

Again, this behavior will be consistent regardless of how you ended up in this page.

Likno Customer Support
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