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How do I add a tabs project to my site? My web designers say they cannot figure out how to make it work. When they add the code generated, nothing shows on the page. What are they doing wrong?  It is very important to get these tabs on my site ASAP.


Reply From: Likno Customer Support


The required steps to add the Tab control to your site are:

1) Compile the Tabs project

2) Upload the compiled files (typically a folder named "likno-scripts")

3) Add the Linking Code to your pages

4) If you have selected the "UL/LI" or "DIVs" population option, add the respective structure code to your page

If you feel you have done the above and you still do not see the tabs in your page, please send me the URL of the page so that I can have a look and tell you what went wrong.

Likno Customer Support
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