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Initial Email Subject: Issues with Tabs Builder
Support Case Month: March 2012

Hi – I’m creating a project and I am having a few issues (my project files are attached)…

1.) Last two tabs aren’t showing in Firefox

tabs firefox view

2.) The tabs are showing in IE, but the last tab is supposed to say “Methodology.” Instead it says “Quantifying Industry.”

tabs internet explorer view

3.) I would like to specify the tab height to 20px.  I’ve made the change in the style editor, but as you can see above the tabs are still to tall.  Is there another place where I should set the height?

tabs css properties

Thanks in advance for your assistance,


Reply From: Likno Customer Support


It seems that you have (at least) 5 cases where you forgot to close the opening quotes you used to define a class:

unclosed classes

This messes up your code and confuses the different browsers as to what they should show. Please correct this to resolve the problem.

Likno Customer Support
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