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Menus in 5 Easy Steps
Step 1: Creating your menu
Step 2: Linking your menu to your web page
Step 3: Positioning your menu inside your web pages
Step 4: Uploading your menu
Step 5: Saving your work
User Interface
Main window layout
Keyboard shortcuts
Command: File
Command: Edit
Command: View
Command: Add Item
Command: Add Submenu Group to Item
Command: Delete Item
Command: Move Item Down
Command: Move Item Up
Command: Delete Entire Submenu
Command: Add Separator
Command: Apply Theme to Menu
Command: Export New Theme
Command: Refresh Menu Preview
Command: Compile Menu
Command: Project Properties
Compile Properties
Compile Properties: Folders
Compile Properties: Cross-Frame Support
Compile Properties: Optimization
Compile Properties: FrontPage Support
Compile Properties: Advanced Scripting
Compile Properties: RTL Languages Support
Preview Panel Settings
Project Info Settings
Command: Link Compiled Menu to Web Pages
Command: Import FrontPage Navigation Structure
Create Sitemaps
Command: Create Generic Sitemap
Command: Create Google Sitemap
Command: Create ROR Sitemap
Command: Check for Updates
Command: Customize
Preview Panel Settings
Project Info Settings
RTL Languages Support
Command:  Add-ins
Command:  Help
Properties Overview
Property groups
Group Properties
Item Properties
Property types
Style Properties
Content Properties
Properties Description
Property:  Header Text
Property:  Header Image
Property:  Positioning
Property:  Movable
Property:  Menu Drifts on Scroll
Property:  Sticky Submenus
Property:  Header Tooltip
Property:  Footer Text
Property:  Footer Image
Property:  Footer Tooltip
Property:  Z-Index
Property:  PopUp
Property:  Javascript Command on Appear
Property:  Javascript Command on Disappear
Property:  Assigned Style
Property:  Type
Property:  Has Header
Property:  Has Footer
Property:  Appears - When
Property:  Appears - Where
Property:  Appears - How
Property:  Appears - Aligned with
Property:  Opacity
Property:  Group Background Color
Property:  Group Background Tile Image
Property:  Group Border
Property:  Distance Between Items
Property:  Group Width
Property:  Item Text
Property:  Item Image
Property:  Item Link
Property:  Item Link Target
Property:  Item Status Bar Text
Property:  Item Tooltip
Property:  Item Has Separator
Property:  Item Javascript Command
Property:  Item Content Alignment
Property:  Item Text Font
Property:  Item Text Size
Property:  Item Text Decoration
Property:  Item Text Color
Property:  Item Content Padding
Property:  Item Text Margin
Property:  Item Border
Property:  Item Background Color
Property:  Item Background Tile Image
Property:  Item Background Image 1
Property:  Item Background Image 2
Property:  Item Background Area Size
Property:  Item Foreground Image
Property:  Item "Has Submenu" Image
Property:  Item Cursor
How Do I...
"How Do I" List
Use AllWebMenus with my favorite Web Authoring tool
Link menus to FrontPage Shared Borders
Position the menu relative to a page element
Specify which pages contain a menu, using the FrontPage interface
Use multiple menus on the same page
Optimize menus to improve building speed
Create a Site Map from my menu structure
Replace the default right-click menu used by the browser
Import a FrontPage Navigation Structure into AllWebMenus
Make my submenus appear above Form/Flash/Applet Objects
Keep a Main Menu item highlighted when visiting a page
Use my designed menu on my web pages
Create a transparent menu
Design a "ladder" menu
Highlight the selected item
Make items look like buttons
Transfer a style to other elements
Transfer a submenu group to another parent item
Setup the Compile Properties of an older version awm project
What is...
The three Item States
The two kinds of Alignment
The Assigned Style
The Image Manager
The Alternative URL
The different background layers
The Paste Values feature
The difference between Main Menu and Submenu
The Element Clipboard
The Javascript menu-building Libraries
The HTML menu-linking code
FAQ and Tips
Correct Placement of the menu-linking HTML code
Updating all <Item Link> properties when changing the Web Site Root folder
Frequently Asked Questions

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