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The AllWebMenus Web Tooltips Addin allows you to use stylish, feature-rich html tooltips (created with our jQuery-based Likno Web Tooltips Builder) on your javascript menus.

You can add these tooltips to menu items of your choice and replace the standard browser's tooltip on them:

balloon tooltip

Visit the link below (with javascript tooltip examples) to experience a small sample of what the Likno Web Tooltips Builder product (separate license required) is capable of:

View Tooltip examples

Through the rich interface of "Likno Web Tooltips Builder" you can:

  • Create cross-browser jQuery tooltips to display micro-information when visitors mouse over on page elements of your choice (menu items for example) or even on page load!
  • Use simple text, HTML code, images, videos or whole pages as the content of your tooltips, in static or dynamic form ("ajax tooltips").
  • Create any type of jQuery tooltip, such as: html tooltip, ajax tooltip, balloon tooltip, javascript tooltip, css tooltip, dhtml tooltip, bubble tooltip, html image tooltip, etc.
  • ...and more! View all features of Likno Web Tooltips Builder. Features

The AllWebMenus Add-in offers an easy integration between your menu and tooltips produced with that software, by enabling the <Tooltip Style> property on Items.

(In AllWebMenus)

dhtml tooltip style property

Provided that you compiled, uploaded and linked your tooltip project to your web page, you just need to edit the AllWebMenus <Tooltip Style> property with the name specified in Likno Web Tooltips Builder for your project:

(in Likno Web Tooltips Builder)

html tooltip name

For detailed info on how to integrate the two products, please read the related Help topic in Likno Web Tooltips Builder.

Download/Version Info

The current Web Tooltips Add-in version is 1.0.1 and is pre-installed in AllWebMenus Build #810 or above.

If you have a version of AllWebMenus prior to Build #810, download the latest AllWebMenus version to have the latest Add-in version installed which adds the <Tooltip Style> property.

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