Hi everyone!

We are happy  to report that we have released AllWebMenus v5.2 build #798!

The new version includes the following new features and enhancements:

- Enhanced and renamed the "Auto Item Highlight" property to "Show Item or Group on Appear" to reflect additional features.

When the menu initially appears on the page, you can have an item shown as "selected" (highlighted) or a group appear open. Either automatically (item selected based on page URL) or manually (by choosing a specific item or group ID, either through the interface or through a variable in the HTML page).
See an online example

show item or group on appear

show item or group on appear

- Added the "Twitter Bar" within AllWebMenus. Now you can learn about our work on new features before we even release them! You can also learn about additions to our website, new examples, help topics, blog posts, etc.

- Fixed an issue where the AllWebMenus interface could not open when the user selected to open a file from the Welcome dialog.

- Fixed an issue where an unwanted horizontal scrollbar could appear when a submenu appeared (on specific cases only).

- Fixed a compatibility issue between AllWebMenus and Thickbox.

You can download the latest version at http://www.likno.com/download.html.

If you want to view all features and enhancements added on every released version (chronological), you can visit our What’s New Page.

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