AllWebMenus Pro version 5.1 Build #760 released. Check out what's new in this version:

- New 110 bullets/arrows are added to the Image Gallery. Most of them (down arrows) are created to accommodate the new "Sliding Menu" feature that is under construction (to be released in build 764).

- Javascript code has been enhanced so that submenus are built on the fly instead of during the initial menu loading. This method results in faster menus.

- The images of the menu are now pre-loaded so that they are shown immediately when a submenu appears. Note: All images still need some time to be loaded during the initial load of the web page.

- New sophisticated wizard added for locating the missing images in a project (occuring when the project files are not relocated properly).

- Fixed an issue in Mozilla-based browsers, where a menu was displayed collapsed
the first time that the page was accessed. The bug appeared only in "Server-Side API" related implementations.

- Fixed an issue with the "awmRelativeCorner" parameter that was not included inside the menu.js file as it should (certain cases only).

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