Hey everybody,

We wanted to let you know that we have released a new version of  AllWebMenus Pro, version 5.3 build #838!

Check out What's New:

- The Drupal Menu Add-in & Plugin & "Likno JavaScript/CSS Menus Drupal module" combination released and included in the distribution. Now you can easily create stylish menus for your Drupal-driven websites based on your drupal contents (pages, stories, taxonomies etc.) and not only.

Drupal Menu

Drupal Menu examples

- Enhanced support for the IPHONE/IPAD browser. No "double-tap" is needed anymore to open links of menu items or sliding submenus.

- The WordPress Menu Plugin has been enhanced. The plugin now supports the new WordPress 3+ feature of "Menus", allowing you to create stylish menus based on the menu structure of a "Wordpress Menu".

- Added support for the "Show Always Has Submenu Image" feature when the UL/LI population method is used.

- Fixed the behaviour of a menu in a cross-frame environment, where in some cases the items of a submenu lost their focus.

- Fixed an issue where the menu could not display properly when a style margin or padding was set for all tables.

- Fixed an issue where IE8 (in compatibility mode) was not showing the dot.gif image when there was two slashes in image path.

Download the new version at http://www.likno.com/download.html

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