On March 19, Microsoft has officially released the Final version of its new Internet Explorer 8 browser.

On March 20, we released a minor update (Build 768.3) of the AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker which fixes some issues caused by differences between the IE8 Final version and its Release Candidate.

Today (March 23), we released another minor update (Build 768.4) that fixes some newly reported issues occurring on rare configurations.

Note that IE8 Final version is not bug-free and Microsoft will continue to release patches in the near future. We will keep a close eye on their patch releases and will act immediately if a minor update in AllWebMenus javascripts is required.

You may download the latest version of AllWebMenus from www.likno.com/download.html (or from your Likno User Area account).

Install it, recompile your menus and upload to your server the updated menu file AND the –also updated- awmdata folder that contains the new javascript libraries that fully support IE8 Final.

Note: AllWebMenus supports IE8 since its BETA phases. In particular, the Release Candidate version (RC1) is supported since Build 764 (Feb. 16).

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