Hello, we have released a new version of AllWebMenus Pro: Version 5.3 build #900.

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- Multiple .AWM projects can now be simultaneously loaded within a single instance of the AllWebMenus application. Copy & Paste actions can now be performed among the multiple loaded projects.

multiple menu projects

- Enhanced the Expression Web 4 Add-in.

- The menu now hides when its positioning element (or any of its parents) is hidden. Similarly, if this positioning element becomes visible the menu also becomes visible.

- The "Automatic Highlight Item" functionality is now possible even when the "Advanced Floating" feature is enabled (used not to be).

- Fixed an issue with some Style Editor properties that did not properly hold their values (submenu Header values).

- Fixed an IE issue regarding "awm_pos_msg" that caused IE to consume CPU resources.

All features here: http://www.likno.com/allwebmenusinfo.html

Download the new version of our CSS menu builder at http://www.likno.com/download.html

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