We wanted to inform you that we have released the latest version of AllWebMenus Pro - version 5.3 Build #828

Check out What's New:

- Added an "iPhone menu" to the example projects.

- Added a "video" button in the "Tooltip Style" property, that links to an online page with a video for that particular feature.

- Added support for the new version of Dreamweaver CS5.

- Moved the "Show Item or Group on Appear" property from the "Advanced" section to the "Main" section of properties.

- Fixed an IE issue introduced in Build #826, where the menu was not positioned correctly by some pixels.

- Fixed an issue where the hidden state of a submenu was not saved.

- Fixed an IE8 issue, where if the menu was positioned relatively to an element and the page scrolled, the menu scrolled also.

- Fixed a Chrome issue with Server-Side menu implementations that contain images: The menu would not appear if the back button was hit.

- New version released for all Server-Side Menus API related products (Joomla menus, WordPress menus, etc.)

Download the latest version at http://www.likno.com/download.html

Important! Since Build #822, the activation process has been changed to better support non-admin cases. Therefore, when you install Build #822 (or above) over Build #820 (or below) you need to retrieve a new Activation Code from your User Area. It is important to clarify that this action does NOT reduce the remaining Activation Codes of your existing license.

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