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Initial Email Subject: When I use the Likno menu, then the submenus from the original menu in XSitePro do not work
Support Case Month: March 2012

Dear Sir,

I use to develop my websites.

I made a website {LINK REMOVED} with horizontal menu from XSitePro (not from Likno).

But I want a Likno menu in the right column. When I do that, then the submenus from the horizontal menu do not work in Safari, Firefox, Chrome. It does work in Internet Explorer.

I only added the Likno menu on a test page, which you can see here:


On above test page you can see the working Likno menu in the right column, but you will also notice that the horizontal (XSitePro) menu does not show the submenus in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. In Internet Explorer it works fine.

All the other pages of that website do not have a Likno menu, and then the submenus from the horizontal (XSitePro) menu do work.

I use Likno Allwebmenus Pro version 5.3 build #886

How to solve this problem?


Guy Hacha

Reply From:
Likno Customer Support

Dear Guy,

It seems that the menu you are using is a really old version of a Milonic menu. The reason the submenus do not work is that there is a minor conflict between their script and our own. Specifically it seems that we use the same variable for different things.

To correct this problem, you can simple run a “search & replace” in the Milonic library file and replace “$D” with “$DD” note that this should be case-sensitive.

I have already done this for you (to save you time and trouble) and I am attaching the corrected library file in a zip. Note that I renamed the zip to “x” so that it is not blocked by our email server. Please rename the attached file to “” and unzip it. Then replace the existing “mmenudom.js” file you have in your site with this one.

Likno Customer Support
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