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Initial Email Subject: Modal window back button
Support Case Month: September 2012

I have unsuccessfully tried to create back button for when a window opens inside a Modal window.  Ideally, the back arrow only shows if there is a previous page within the same modal window.  If you follow my example, the modal window either shuts down or become inoperable.  Any ideas that I could us on all my modal windows.

link to open modal window

another link

link for modal window

Since the following is a new page in the same modal window clicking ”back” closes all modal windows and make future modal windows fail.  I found the code on the internet and it obviously does not work correctly.  I need it because some pages open inside the same modal window and sometimes a new modal window is opened.

back button in a modal window

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Bill,

This happens because the history does not hold JS events such as the opening of a modal window.

When you click on “back” the browser will try to go back in the history of the current (focused) frame/iframe and if this does not have any history then to the history of the parent frame or top page.

This is what happens in your case. When you open a new window with no history and hit “back” you get the history of the top window.

I am afraid that this is too complex for us to resolve and you will just have to wait until modern browsers support JS events in their history.

Finally, as a note, back() & forward() do not require a parameter, while go() does accept a parameter for the destination step relative to the current page. For example “history.go(-1)” is identical to “history.back()”.

Likno Customer Support
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