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Initial Email Subject: button pack install on windows 7
Support Case Month: September 2012

Hello.  I'm trying to install a button pack on windows 7.  When i run the installpack.exe it says the program has been detected in in the following dir: "(`6w"  If i try to browse to the correct dir and click install it gives me the error invalid path.

do the button packs work on windows 7 and if they do how do i get them to install correctly?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


We just released a new version of Button Maker (build 162), which (amongst others) now fully supports the Button Packs in 64-bit systems.

Did you get the “invalid path” error in the installer or in the application? If you got this in the application then the new version will resolve it.

You may download it here:

Likno Customer Support
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