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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject:  Tooltips and prettyPhoto
Support Case Month: September 2013

Hello Tech,

Is it possible to call up prettyPhoto from within a tooltip?

1. Go here {URL REMOVED}

2. Scroll down the window and mouse over the very bottom "Lobby green icon" on the campus map.

3. The tooltip opens OK with a small photo and a "Learn More" text link.

4. Clicking the text link should open prettyPhoto modal window, but instead loads image in a new window.

5. See HTML used for tooltip below.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Randy,
It would be possible if:
1) you have a way to call the modal with JS
2) your modal works with elements that added into the page after the page is loaded

Let me know if you need more information.
Thank you!

Kind Regards, 
Aggelos Tsakonas
Powerful javascript menus (CSS menus/drop-down menus/sliding menus), web trees, buttons, tabs, modals, tooltips, accordions, scrollers, designs for your websites!

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