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Support Case Month: April 2012

Dear Staff,

I am using AllWebMenus PRO v 5 on Windows XP  that I just activated today.

I am trying to implement a Javascript action based on clicking a web menu field on the "piano web menu example"   I added  an "audio tag" to the HTML format for my "Mouse click" event in the Javascript piano web menu example.

The piano will display as shown here (, but my audio files will not sound. 
I have tried testing the audio file using a standalone media player and the files play fine. 
However, the files also will not play when substituted in the following ( )
editor as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<audio controls="controls">
  <type="audio/mp3" source src="" />

Would you give me some advice on what I may be doing incorrectly.  Or perhaps an alternative means to go about adding audio to a "clickable" event on the menu.


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Henry,

The purpose of the <audio> tag is to display a player within the browser which you can use to listen to the specific sound file you put in the “src”.

It does not just load a sound in the background, and to the best of my knowledge it is not possible to control this sound using JavaScript (e.g. have it play when you click somewhere).

If you want to have a sound play when you mouse-over or click on the menu items, I am afraid that this is not going to be easy. First and foremost, because sound is not supported by all browsers, so this would only work in half of them. Secondly because this would probably require a flash control for playing sounds which will be called/controlled by JavaScript commands. As you can understand, this would require custom coding on your side, and there is no “standard” that we can propose.

Adding sounds to the menu is something that our users have asked for years, but unfortunately this is still not possible given the current browser (lack of) support (it is only possible in Flash menus which is entirely out of our scope).

Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Henry

Dear Kostas,

Thank you for this assessment.


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