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Initial Email Subject: New inquiry regarding menu generation software
Support Case Month: January 2013

So...I'm trying out the software and I can't seem to find one very simple operation. 
I have created a sample menu and applied the theme of "animated corn" which has a yellow color as its main button color. 
How do I change this to another color?  I think I have looked through all of this and can't seem to find the main button color item. 
Any help you can provide would be appreciated. 

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Tim,

As you can see this "color" is animated which means that… it is not a color!... It is actually an animated image that TILES in the background:

Menu background tile image

This means that you can only change this by editing this image in an image editor that can handle animated images and change colors there. This may be difficult if you are not experienced in image editing because of the animation. But you can simply skip the animation and create a static image OR just remove this image from there and use the "Background Color" instead.

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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