We have released new version of AllWebMenus Pro: Version 5.3 build #884.

Check out What's New:

- New "CSS Menu" Genre option. Contrary to the "Javascript menu", the "CSS menu" implementation is designed so that:

  • it is Section 508, WCAG, WAI, DDA compliant (accessible menus required by certain governmental agencies in US, UK, Australia),
  • it uses "lighter" code, due to the less features it supports (lack of submenu opening/closing effects etc.),
  • it is still functional when the javascript is disabled on the browser (degrades gracefully and still functions as a menu).

The above advantages come with a cost: some features and options of the feature-rich "Javascript menu" implementation cannot be supported by CSS. These differences are documented at the related AllWebMenus Help Topic on "Menu Genre", or here in PDF:


css menu genre

- Fixed an issue for iPad related browsers where the "Menu Floats on Scroll" feature was not working properly.

- Fixed an issue with the application freezing when a certain configuration existed.

- Fixed an issue where a border appeared in focused items (Chrome, Safari & IE9 only).

- Fixed a Chrome issue for all "Server-Side" related menus, where the menu images did not load correctly after a back or forward of the page.

All features here: http://www.likno.com/allwebmenusinfo.html

Download the new version of our CSS menu builder at http://www.likno.com/download.html


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