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Initial Email Subject: Drupal 7 site Addin menu display
Support Case Month: April 2012

I've tried to follow your instructions for creating an AllWebMenus menu in Drupal 7.

After importing the main menu from Drupal, I styled a beautiful AWmenu. This I compiled and, using the linko-7 Drupal module, uploaded. I set the bocks to show menu1 in the menu area - nothing appeared. So as not to leave the site without a menu I also placed the Superfish menu block in the menu block and that appears.

Re the html.tpl.php modification, my Drupal Respond theme <> doesn't have a  html.tpl.php file. But the Respond theme is a subtheme of the Omega theme <>, which does have that file.

The body tag starts as <body<?php print $attributes;?>> and I added <?php if (function_exists('AWM_Linking_Code')) AWM_Linking_Code(); ?> after that, but still nothing.

Any suggestions please on how I get the AWmenu to appear in Drupal 7?

Thanks and Regards


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Mick,

I believe the problem is that you renamed the zip.

The zip should already have the correct name. To achieve this, the “compiled menu name” in the application must match the online menu name.

In your case, you must either change the online menu name from “menu1” to “menu”:

menu name

or change the compiled menu name from “menu” to “menu1”.

compiled menu name

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