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Support Case Month: October 2012


1. Can you please give us some instructions on how we do the below.  …… Set up another duplicate menu file in another area of our website. Basically the main menu will have relative URL paths and the duplicated menu in the OS Commerce section of our website will have absolute URL paths because we are having a problem with duplicate content … After users select the sign-in on OS Commerce .. then form that point on any other links / pages they visit remain in https mode versus http causing search engine to index https pages as duplicate content.

When we look at the compiled files from 2010 they show the following:  ‘data’ folder; div_scroll; menu.js; wastecare.awm and wastecare.pgt

When we look at the current compiled files all we see is the ‘data’ folder and the menu.js  file.

Can you please outline the steps in detail for doing what we want to do., We are not understanding why the current compiled files are different from the compiled files from 2010.

Basically we will always want both menu’s to be identical except the main menu will have relative URL paths and the OS Commerce menu will have absolute URL paths. That being the case our developer (Syed) says that when we add another webpage to our site that we want to add to the menu we can just simply add it to the main menu and then cut and paste the changes to the duplicate / OS Commerce menu…… but the person that does these menu updates says she doesn’t understand how a simple cut and paste can be used because in her opinion she would have to basically start from scratch each time with each menu change versus simple cut and paste from one to the other. When you have 3 columns to each menu tab it is extremely difficult and time consuming to get all the spacing re-adjusted each time a page is added to the menu … (We wish this was corrected in your software so it would be much easier when columns are used like on our website.

2. Anyway, can you please explain the process that will be required when trying to copy incremental changes (pages added) from the main menu to the  duplicate OS Commerce menu.



Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Matt,

Regarding having multiple menus (in the same page or in different pages- it makes no difference) all you should need to do is to change the “Compiled Name” of the menu in the Project Properties:


You should leave the folders as they are by default so that all of your menus see the same library files.

Things to note:

1) All your menus should be compiled with the same AllWebMenus version.

2) You should make sure that you properly Compiled, Linked and uploaded your second menu as you did with the first.

3) There is no limit to the number of menus you can add this way.

Regarding the copy-paste from one menu to the other, I am afraid that this is not currently available, so you need to indeed add the new menu item in both menus. Soon however (within this month) we will release a new version that will allow you to open multiple projects in the same AllWebMenus instance, so this will also resolve the “copy-paste between projects” issue.

PS: You say something about “starting from scratch” when a new item is added… I believe I probably misunderstood you, but this is not true in any case! You just need to open each project and add the new item in each one. You never have to rebuild the whole menu.

Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Matt

Thanks Kostas,

Why is our compiled file set from 2010 different than the current compiled file set?  In 2010 the compiled file set showed 5 items > menu.js +’data’ folder + div_scroll +wastecare.awm + wastecare.pgt   -  On the current compiled set it just showed the menu.js +’data’ folder  (and the data folder items were a little different than the 2010 data folder items).

Can you let us know exactly which files should appear as a complete compiled file set (because maybe there is something wrong?)

Thus far when we tried copying / duplicating our main menu and placing another copy in the OS Commerce part of our website (so we could use the absolute URL paths in that area) …..the layout was all messed up (and not identical to the main menu).. For example on our menu tabs we have 3 columns of selections on each tab (because we have lots of selections on each tab) and the Category groupings and items within each of the grouping were all messed up compared to the main menu.

To see what I mean. Go to our Main Menu here and look under the Tab called ‘Vertical Balers’

Then go to this menu below in the OS Commerce area and look under the same Tab ‘Vertical Balers’ and you will see a big difference in layout:

Of course this would be extremely confusing to customers so we are trying to figure out what went wrong.



Reply From: Matt

Yes, I think we have it working just fine now. We mixed up the duplicate / copied menu file and instead somehow accidentally used an old menu file from a few years ago.



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