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Support Case Month: December 2013

If I have to use the examples as a base for the new scroller can I delete items from them. Can I delete the background image and have no image. Just a scroller.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Ben,

Yes, you are able to customize the example as you wish it.

You can begin with an example that is closer to what you have in your mind. Create a new project from that example. You can delete or add items, change slide effects, set more properties, change styling properties, add navigation bar or thumbnail bar. Change the arrows and in general you can totally redesign it.

Of course you can delete the background image and have no image or color as a background.

For example, the items area on example 2 has a background image. You simply go to  Areas -> Items Area and you uncheck the Background Image so you remove it (or click on it to choose another image as background).

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