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Initial Email Subject: Current page - button state
Support Case Month: September 2013

Is there a way to show the "mouse down" view of a button image appear on the page which that button is linked to in order to give the visitor a visual clue via the menu of which page they are on?
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Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Mark,

You need to set the options for highlighting your menu items.
In order to do so, click on Global Properties ->  Show Item or Group on Appear and choose the settings that best fits your needs.

Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you!

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Aggelos Tsakonas
Powerful javascript menus (CSS menus/drop-down menus/sliding menus), web trees, buttons, tabs, modals, tooltips, accordions, scrollers, designs for your websites!

Reply From: Mark

Perfect!  Thank you.  I should have found that one - it's well documented in the help.  I really appreciate your time sending the info and image .  Hope you have a great one!

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