If you have a menu built by AllWebMenus Pro that you need to unlink from your pages due to some issues related with the Linking Code instance (e.g. the src attribute of the Linking Code which indicates the path of the menu's JavaScript file is incorrect) you have to do the following:

  1. Open your menu's project using your AllWebMenus Pro application.
  2. Start a normal link procedure clicking on the "Link Menu" button (see Image1 below).
  3. Choose the pages from which you want to unlink your menu, hold the Control button (ctrl) and click the "Link" button. When you hold the Control button, the "Link" button will change to "Unlink" button (see Image2 below).



This is the easiest, fastest and recommended way to remove a Lininking Code instance from your page(s); removing the Linking Code instance from your page, you unlink your menu Afterwards, you are able to re-link your menu.

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