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When I load the web page locally on my PC that has the new menu object, I get the question at the bottom of the frame.  The menu is java-script, would a user really need to lower their IE security settings to make this go away?  My settings are also included below.  I don’t want users to have a hassle using the new menu each time they come to my website…what is the most elegant way to avoid this dialog?

ie security warning

internet explorer security settings



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Likno Customer Support


This is NOT a problem and you should not worry at all.

See why below:

When you preview a local web page in Internet Explorer that contains javascript (like our projects do), you get the following message:

[To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here for options... ]

JavaScript warning

This is not a problem, as the "security" warning never appears ONLINE on your actual pages but only locally, for the pages that are located at your PC.

Furthermore, this is not related to Likno javascripts but to ANY javascript running on your pages locally (default behavior in Internet Explorer).

This does not happen when pages have been uploaded to a web server and are then viewed online.

To overpass this Internet Explorer warning locally, you can click on the message bar and select "Allow Blocked Content":

allow blocked content

Then, a warning dialog will appear and you can just press "Yes" for the web page to properly load all javascripts (do not worry about the warning, our scripts are 100% safe).

You can read more about the IE Information bar at: (Windows XP) (Windows Vista)

Likno Customer Support
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