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Initial Email Subject: Trying to use it in Windows and Mac
Support Case Month: August 2012

I am building a website in windows, but will eventually turn it over to users who will be using MAC. Will the menus I build transfer over to their platform? They will purchase their own license for the product, but wondering if the files will transfer?


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Kim,

Unfortunately the installation file is available only for Windows, i.e. the desktop application (the development software) is available only for Windows environments.

However, we do have many MAC customers that use third-party software for emulation, without any problems reported so far.

Here are all your options to run Windows applications on an Intel-powered Mac:

Important note:

The above "Windows only" restriction is related to the development software only, NOT to the compiled javascripts that are produced by this software and used online on the website. These compiled javascripts are fully functional in MAC browsers (cross-platform) and behave exactly the same as in the Windows (or Linux) browsers.

Likno Customer Support
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